Head Evolution Pro

This is a great string for beginners as well as seasoned league players. Evolution pro offers a great blend of power, touch and control, resulting in outstanding playability and durability. Brilliant hard wearing club string.






Ashaway PowerNick 1.15mm in Red

Tremendous power from dynamic stiffness of Zyex monofilaments. Excellent tension stability at all tensions. Optimum combination of power and durability.








Ashaway UltraNick 1.15mm in Blue

Tremendous power and resiliencewith softer feel of Zyex multifilaments. Excellent tension stability at all tensions. Maximizes softer feel and control. In the eye's of Liam Nolan, Head of UKRSA, the best squash string out there.







Tecnifibre 305 1.10mm, 1.20mm and 1.30mm in Green

In my opinion the best all round squash string on the market right now!! Fantastic feel, touch, control and power. Used by professional squash players, beginners and everyone else in between. Tecnifibre 305 provides more comfort and better feel, as well as anti abrasion coating for increased durability. **SPECIAL LOW PRICE**







Tecnifibre X-one Biphase 1.18mm in Red

All the Tecnifibre savoir-faire included in one string. 50% Elastyl, 30% H2C fiber and 20% polyamide fiber. This gives you ultimate power, tension hold and precision with great flexibility and cut effect.